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XX Game Jam: First women-only game jam held in east London

Posted by Farhan Arshad On November - 5 - 2012

Ada Lovelace Day – which was 16 October this year – has been a huge success, with over 17,500 mentions of ‘Ada Lovelace’ on Twitter, and over 12,500 mentions of ‘Ada Lovelace Day’. This website claims. On this day, people share stories of women (from the field of technology—either they are engineers, scientists or mathematicians etc.) who inspired them to become what they are today.

There was an interesting event held in the month of October this year in east London—first women-only game jam in UK carrying the spirit and theme of Ada Lovelace Day. Team of programmers and artists were trying to develop games in a short period given of 24 hours. Only one thing made this event unique—all the participants were women. Yes! only women. The event was organized by Debbie Rawlings and Helen Kennedy. Both of them belongs to a group called Women in Games.

“The whole idea of an all-female game jam is something I discussed a while ago,” said Helen Kennedy, a founding member of a group called Women in Games.
“I took the idea out to Canada and pitched it for funding and they told me it couldn’t be done, the whole format of a game jam was somehow too masculine to be done with just women. I thought that was a rather challenging thing to say as I don’t believe in those sorts of categorisations.”

Andrea Hasselager, a participant who traveled from Copenhagen along with two other women for this event, said:

“Their games definitely have stories from their own lives – one group made a game about dating the cute guy from school, getting your chores done so fast so you can get to your date.

“Guys wouldn’t make a game like that.”

Organizers of the event thinks that the large participation of women in game industry would change the landscape of games themselves. Primarily, they believe that women in games would look more active and sexy and less overly hyper-sexual and passive. Well, that’s a good news guys :) you would be able to see a better representation of women in games.

Read this for full details of the event.

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